Winter’s Run Strike – Taken Version! Destiny

Winter’s Run Strike – Taken Version!  Destiny

As part of the April 2016 update, the Winter’s Run strike in Destiny has been Taken! Oryx’ taken army has attacked Venus, and even managed to take the Archon Priest! Now Nixis, Hunger of Oyrx thirsts for your light!

Overall, I really like this strike. In the few times I’ve played it, I’ve notice some variations leading up to the boss battle. This video is just the boss fight, and you can tell that it’s a much different mechanic than the previous strike. No longer can your fireteam stand on the ledge in the area entrance. Instead, you must make your way into the arena, and constantly move throughout the battlefield, taking out blights, infantry, all the while dwindling down Nixis health.

This strike is definitely the time to break out the Dreadfang legendary void sword, as the bonus damage to Taken enemies is monumental. Especially vs. blights and elites, which you can make short work of with the Dreadfang. As for rewards, Nixis is said to drop a unique Taken shotgun called Stolen Will. Will Pause Reset Play get lucky this time, or will RNG be RNG?

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