Destiny April 2016 Update! Level Guide!

Destiny April 2016 Update!  Level Guide!

In the latest Destiny update, the max light level was raised from 320 to 335. There have been some significant changes to the light level that gear drops at, and as such there have been questions on what exactly the best strategy is to reach max level. The purpose of this video is to explore engram decryption, vanguard / faction packages, and other areas to make a determination on what the fastest way to level up is.

One area that has caused some discussion is engrams. Many people, myself included, were not entirely sure what the decryption level for items would be. There was a lot of speculation on the light level that blues, purples, and exotic engrams could decrypt to. In this video, I decrypt a number of all 3 types, and evaluate the light level that each item decrypted to. As you can see, while the blue and purple items sometimes decrypted above 300 light, none were at or above the current light level of the item I had equipped. On the other hand, the exotic items all decrypted above my current light level. Even though the exotics only decrypted 2-3 light above my current level, you can see that over time this would result in your character hitting 335.

Another area that you can get excellent items are vanguard and faction packages. One of the changes made has been faction and vanguard reputation gains are much faster this time around. I believe strikes now give 140 vanguard reputation, and with a new consumable, can be even higher. This allows you to get vanguard packages much more frequently. Items obtained from these packages are ALWAYS above you current light level, just like exotic items are. Similarly, the packages that Variks rewards from getting the 42 POE high and cumulative scores are ALWAYS above you current light level. Last but not least, hard / challenge Raid can drop gear up to 335, but the same rules apply to this gear. i.e. if you’re 320 light, you’ll likely get an item in the 322-325ish range.

I believe this should apply to other content as well, like Iron Banner packages and gold tier Trials gear. If any Trials players could weigh in, that would be great. When IB comes around, I’ll update this video description.

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