The Walking Dead – Season 5 Predictions

The Walking Dead – Season 5 Predictions

Season 4 of The Walking Dead has come and gone.  Which means it’s already time to start thinking about where the series is heading with Season 5.  While the season finale was good, and left us wanting more / wondering what’s going to happen next, it almost felt like the ending of a regular episode as opposed to season finale.  Regardless, with what we’ve seen so far of Terminus, the door has been opened to what could amount to something great in Season 5.  Time for some Season 5 predictions…

Terminus Cannibals

As I speculated in a previous article, the writing is on the wall for Terminus to be the home of a cannibalistic cult.  Upon welcoming intrepid survivors to Terminus, they’re greeted kindly and offered a plate.  The food they were cooking definitely had a Fallout “strange meat,” vibe to it. Fattening ’em up for the kill.  Did you see how Rick’s group was herded into the cargo container? Like Daryl mentioned, the shooters were not trying to kill them, but rather keep them alive.  Which makes sense.  After all, human meat is much kinder to the stomach than rotten, walker flesh.

At this point, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if Terminus was filled with a bunch of cannibals, but that doesn’t make it any less cool.  We’ve witnessed sadistic.  We’ve witnessed crazy.  It’s about time we witnessed sadistic, crazy, deranged cannibals.

We lose either Rick, Michonne, or Daryl

As much as that thought sucks, we’re going to lose one of the 3 major characters.  Daryl is a fan-favorite.  Rick has been the protagonist since day 1.  Michonne the resident katana-wielding badass. But we’re going to lose one of them.  I also think we’ll lose some auxiliary characters, but let’s be honest, these 3 characters drive the show.

Which of those 3 characters do you think will fall in Season 5?  Or do you think they’ll all live to see another day?

We learn the cause of the infection

This was teased towards the end of Season 4.  When Dr. Eugene Porter was introduced, it was claimed that he knew the cause of the infection.  At some point in Season 5, we’ll learn exactly what the cause was.  This is huge for a variety of reasons.  First, fans have been wondering what caused the outbreak since the beginning of the show.  Second, depending on the reason, it influences how long this series can last, to a certain degree.  Perhaps the series winds down like this:

Season 5 – identify the cause of the outbreak, handle Terminus threat.  Season 6 – work towards a cure. Season 7 – resolution of outbreak, series finale.

What could have caused the outbreak?  You would think if it was a virus, the CDC would have identified it.  Maybe it’s just evolution?  Whatever the case may be, fans will know what caused the walker uprising in Season 5.

What are some of your predictions for Season 5 of The Walking Dead?

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