Jupiter Ascending: Trailer

A second trailer for the upcoming Wachowski Sibling’s new film Jupiter Ascending is out and it makes a lot more sense than the first, which had a very loose narrative feel – much like their under-appreciated Cloud Atlas. This echo’s more of The Matrix (Mila Kunis is essentially “The One”, Channing Tatum has been looking for her his whole life). Sure to be a big, blockbuster affair, and the special effects and creatures suggest’s a complete and expansive universe has formed (despite the “bad guy” just looking like a human – why are there so many humanoids in the universe? Where are the lizard people I keep reading about on conspiracy websites?!). Should look great on a big screen. We’ll keep you posted with more as the release date approaches. Nice to see an original superhero movie on the docket in a summer full of sequels.



Jupiter Ascending comes out July, 18th.


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