Can Sony Salvage the PlayStation Vita?

Can Sony Salvage the PlayStation Vita?

Before its release, the PlayStation Vita was touted as the next big thing in portable gaming.  Boasting impressive specs and features like a large touchscreen and solid controls, the Vita was supposed to be Sony’s answer to the strong smartphone and tablet gaming movement.  Unfortunately, sales have been lackluster.  Is there any way that Sony can salvage the PlayStation Vita?

In the wake of Kaz Hirai’s admitting that Vita sales were on the “low end,” of projections, it has many wondering if the Vita has been a failed attempt on Sony’s part.  The potential is there, but the results haven’t been.  With sales failing to impress, and a lackluster game library, what can Sony do to remedy the situation?  Flydrs has long called for a PS3 / Vita system bundle.  A PS4 / Vita bundle would also work, but might be more difficult to pull off given the higher price and demand of the PS4.  Priced reasonably, a system bundle would accomplish what’s most important; getting the Vita in the hands of the PlayStation faithful.  That alone, however, isn’t enough.  Quite simply, the Vita needs better games and more cross-play with the PS3 and PS4.

The number of quality games on the Vita is depressingly limited.  Games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified have been criticized for poor controls and execution.  If a game like Call of Duty doesn’t sell well, it has to make you wonder about the likelihood of success for the Vita.  Cross-play with PS3 and upcoming PS4 games would be one way that the Vita could augment its library.  The lack of quality games further highlights the need for the PS3 and Vita to be bundled together and have their respective gaming libraries compliment one another.

As a whole, the Vita has been largely disappointing since its release.  Even the most devout PlayStation fans would admit there is room for improvement.  The price certainly hasn’t helped, considering that for the cost of a Vita you could pick up a PS3, 360, and nearly afford a Wii U or be well on your way to PS4 / X1.  Couple that with a severe lacking in the quality games department, and it’s no wonder that Vita sales have been lackluster.  What do you think Sony can do to improve Vita sales and salvage the system?

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