Nintendo TVii Available in North America TODAY

Nintendo TVii Available in North America TODAY

Nintendo TVii is available today in North America.  Seriously, go check it out right now!  Nintendo TVii features live satellite and cable programs, as well on-demand programs to watch.

TVii was supposed to be a launch feature on the Wii U, but it took some additional time to get ready.  This new app will help supplement the other streaming services that are already available on the console, like Netflix.


If you’re checking out Nintendo TVii, let us know your thoughts.

Robert Birmingham is Editor-in-chief at


4 thoughts on “Nintendo TVii Available in North America TODAY

  1. So many articles saying things like “Seriously, go check it out right now!”, despite the fact that nobody has bothered to check whether or not it is available. It’s not. The day’s not over, but at this point it is not there. Neither is a system update.

    It would be less misleading to say things like “it is due for release today” or “should be released later today”, rather than things like “hey everyone, it’s there! Go see it! It’s super great! Everyone loves the new features!”

    A little research goes a long way.

      • Wow, no worries, did not expect a response so quick. Sorry if I seemed impatient, did not mean to snap at you. It’s difficult to keep up with it because a lot of the articles sound like it has been released, and it’s a bit confusing. Probably wouldn’t bother me if I wasn’t impatiently checking the update screen every 5 minutes. 😛 A watched pot doesn’t boil, I guess. But I will post another comment here as soon as it releases if I catch it quickly.

      • You were right, thanks for the help! If you can post back when it’s officially updated that’ll help the rest of the readers! Thanks for your support and viewership!

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