How to Improve Zombies in Black Ops 2

How to Improve Zombies in Black Ops 2  zombieheader530

The zombies mode has been a staple in the Call of Duty games made by Treyarch.  Since World at War, the team at Treyarch has treated fans to a simple, yet satisfying mode that pitted you against an endless zombie horde.  For many, the zombies mode was a major draw leading up to the release of Black Ops 2.  While there have been some intriguing additions to the popular segment of the game, there are many fans, including people here at flydrs, who feel that the mode has taken a step in the wrong direction.  How can this situation be remedied?

In World at War and Black Ops, the zombies mode was more simple, yet oddly enough, also more complex than the iteration offered in Black Ops 2.  Sure there have been some new wrinkles thrown into the mix.  After all, Blops 2 does have 3 zombies game modes; the story-driven Tranzit, the 4 vs 4 Grief mode, and the traditional survival mode.  There are even new things like the workbench that allow players to craft unique items.  All of these additions are welcomed, but focusing on expanding the zombies portion of the game has seemingly led to the folks at Treyarch forgetting the most basic part of the game, the maps.


The maps in World at War, and especially Black Ops, are far superior to the lackluster offerings in Black Ops 2.  Even the most dedicated zombie players will agree that maps like Moon, Ascension, Kino, and even older maps like Der Riese are much more grand than the maps in Black Ops 2.  Indeed, if you didn’t know the release dates for the maps, you’d swear that the Black Ops 2 maps came before its predecessors.  Simply put, the maps in Blops 2 have hindered the zombies experience, and Treyarch would be wise to offer some large maps with multiple paths / areas to access in the upcoming DLC.

The fire.  At a certain point, being constantly set on fire and having it impair your vision goes from a nice touch to overly annoying.  Many players have lamented this fact, to the point where even Treyarch would agree they may have went overboard with the flames.  To be sure, the fire is fitting given the state of affairs, but this effect could be imparted even if the amount of fire was reduced.  Nuketown zombies has even been praised because it’s the only map that doesn’t have fire.  Removing or limiting it on the new DLC maps is a small change that would take a far step forward.

Ascension from Black Ops.

Ascension from Black Ops.

The zombies community has been a loyal group.  This loyalty should be rewarded by offering some of the older maps free of charge.  Many fans who bought the DLC on World at War later bought the classic zombies pack on Black Ops.  If these older maps are going to be recycled again, the least Treyarch can do is provide some of these old maps free of charge.  Perhaps the original map on WaW and the standard maps on Blops could be offered for free, with the DLC maps from WaW and Blops being bundled together as a classics zombies map pack.  Such a move would provide great alternatives to the current maps on Black Ops 2, and be much appreciated by the fans.

Have you enjoyed zombies on Black Ops 2?  Can you think of any ways that the series could be improved, or are you happy with the direction it’s taken?  Give us your opinion in the comments section.

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3 thoughts on “How to Improve Zombies in Black Ops 2

  1. id say add the 3 missing perks (deadshot, mule kick, and flopper), hotfix them into the current tranzit (i sooo have 3 good places to put them too :D), and make bigger maps

    then im fine with the new zombies

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