AMC Networks and Verizon Extend Contract

AMC Networks and Verizon Extend Contract

Verizon Fios customers can finally be at ease.  AMC Networks and Verizon have extended their contract, ensuring that hit shows The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and others are still available for Verizon Fios customers.  AMC, WE tv, IFC, and Sundance will remain available on Verizon Fios. Negotiations had grown stale, to the point that a message warning Verizon customers of the impending danger had started airing on shows like The Walking Dead.  Fios customers must have voiced their displeasure in mass, as they were given a number to call or an email to contact Verizon and express their opinions.  Fortunately, AMC Networks and Verizon were able to reach an agreement on December 10th, 2012.

AMC Left for Dead

Verizon has also extended an olive branch to customers as a sign of “appreciating your patience and valuing your business.”  Fios customers can enjoy their next Flex View rental (up to $5.99, the cost of an HD rental) on Verizon.  This courtesy is definitely a nice gesture on Verizon’s part, but the most important thing is that the hit shows on AMC will remain available for Fios customers.

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