The Last of Us – VGA 2012 Trailer – PlayStation 3 Exclusive

The Last of Us – VGA 2012 Trailer – PlayStation 3 Exclusive  

Another trailer for The Last of Us has been shown at VGA 2012.  The upcoming PS3 exclusive, which will release on May 7th, 2013, is being developed by Naughty Dog.  Take a look at the new trailer and see what you’ll be up against in this world gone wrong, survival thriller.


Here is the VGA 2012 trailer.  It gives a sense of the state of the world in The Last of Us, and what main characters Joel and Ellie are up against.  You’ll also see the zombie-like, mutated people attacking, ravaging, and otherwise making life unpleasant.  Make no mistake, worrying about the denizens of society will not be your only threat come May.

Ever since E3, fans haven’t stopped talking about The Last of Us.  Coming from legendary developer Naughty Dog, the bar has been set pretty high given the recent success of the Uncharted franchise.  All indications are that The Last of Us will not only live up to the lofty expectations, but push the envelope even further.  The choices a player makes are a focal point of this game, with various routes to take throughout a level and ways of dealing with potential threats.  How you make your decisions and repercussions of them could very well affect the outcome of the game, making your choices feel significant and adding replay value.

What did you notice about the trailer?  Are you impressed with the infected people in the game and the general direction it’s taking?  Let us know your thoughts and whether you’ll be picking up the game when it releases in May.

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