Cabin In The Woods Behind The Scenes


If any movie from the past year begs endless, excited discussion it’s Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s Cabin In The WoodsIf you haven’t seen it yet do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s great storytelling, great writing, and celebrates monsters, nightmares and Richard Jenkins. It would be fantastic to see endless sequels, as the material is deep and plenty, but it would also be great if it met a similar fate to one of Whedon’s other projects, the Firefly miniseries and subsequent Serenity feature film finale. From here on out is SPOILER land, so turn back now if you’re not up to speed.


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Cabin In The Woods would have to be the end of the timeline, and the miniseries all the other “events” leading up to it. Kind of Tarantino the whole experience, making it all the more interesting because man-o-man are there a lot of questions at the end that could be detailed a little more along the way. Look at all the names in that image (another one here)! That’s at least two if not three seasons of kids getting destroyed. As Cabin continues to see serious fanfare I’m sure the line of A-listers who would want to follow in Chris Hemsworth’s blood-covered shoes would go around the block.

While there aren’t any serious talks that flydrs has found yet regarding the future of a possible Cabin In The Woods franchise, we did find a great interview over at SciFiNow with two time Oscar-winner David LeRoy Anderson who founded AFX Studio – the company who helped bring all the classic and original monsters to life. You can read the whole thing here and make sure to scroll through the great collections of set images. Stay tuned to flydrs for any and all updates about future trips back into the Woods.

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