Top 10 Ways to Dominate Black Ops 2 MP

Top 10 Ways to Dominate Black Ops 2 MP cod-black-ops-2

Black Ops 2 multiplayer can be unforgiving. Whether it be getting owned by enemy streaks, crushed at your own spawn, or simply outgunned, getting into the swing of things can be challenging in Blops 2. With xmas noobs on the way, it’s important to learn some tips to help you succeed early on. Here at 10 surefire ways to get better at Black Ops 2 multiplayer and improve both your statistics and help your team win more games.

1.) Make Different Create-A-Classes

With the new Pick 10 System, you can really make some great classes in Black Ops 2. Switch them up and take full advantage of the slots you’re given. When you prestige, spend your prestige award on another class slot to make sure you have the right class for any situation. Use the Pick 10 to make classes that function well on certain levels. Getting owned on Nuketown 2025? Have that SMG class to even the playing field. Is the B point on Plaza proving difficult to capture? Make a class with Flak Jacket to survive those early ‘nades and give your team the decisive advantage at the start of the game.

The Pick 10 System lets you make a class that suits you.

The Pick 10 System lets you make a class that suits you.

2.) Use Equipment

The equipment in Black Ops is extremely useful and will earn you points to get your scorestreaks. The EMP Grenade is very powerful in this game, and it’ll take out enemy equipment and give you assist points. Coupled with the Engineer perk, the EMP Grenade can be a difference maker in any game mode. The Black Hat is another useful piece of equipment that should be on at least one of your classes. If you see a care package that is unreachable, switch your class and get it when you respawn. Most importantly, be sure you use your equipment on each life. All too often players just focus on getting gun kills that they forget to use their tactical and lethal equipment. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

3.) Learn the Maps

Running around the maps acting like Rambo is fun, but doesn’t often result in good games. Knowing the maps and where enemies are likely to be will, though. Play a game like Domination to have a sense of where teams will start and most likely go at the beginning of a game. Use tactical equipments around corners to hopefully get a hit marker and have a jump on the enemy. Be cognizant of your radar. If you have a UAV up, check it. If you hear an enemy UAV is up, play more cautiously or take it out with a launcher or black hat. Once you get a sense of the maps you’ll be a dangerous player.

4.) Experiment

Certain players will play better with certain guns. Learn which guns you play with best, and then focus on those. Not everyone is meant to be a sniper. Conversely, some people do very well with light machine guns. Take some time to find out which guns you use most effectively. SMG are very popular in Black Ops 2, and are a good starting point. Use different attachments to find out which ones benefit you most. The Target Finder has been criticized, but it can be a decent way to learn where enemies like to hide. Select fire can turn that burst weapon into a fully automatic killing machine. Try out different scorestreaks to learn which ones you consistently get kills with.

5.) Play With Friends

If a lot of your friends are playing Black Ops 2, get in a party and play together. The games will be more enjoyable, and you will be able to better communicate and work together. If you end up playing with random players most of the time, you can try communicating with them but more often than not people hit the mute all button. At that point it’s every man for themselves.

6.) When You’re Close to a Streak, Make Sure you Get it

Getting those last points needed to reach a streak are always a bit tougher. Play more cautiously, check your radar more frequently, and if possible, use equipment or your launcher to get some easy points. Since the streaks in this game stack, it’s important to get that first streak and chain your last 2 together. Don’t run out in the middle of nowhere. Don’t rush headlong into a gun battle without checking to see how many enemies are there. Just don’t do it. Taking the extra 15-30 seconds to make sure you get that streak will help out your team, especially if you’re close to getting a game-changing streak like the Swarm.

7.) Use Complimentary Scorestreaks

Many of the streaks are useful, and work well together. If you want to get manageable streaks, try out the Hellstorm, Lightning Strike, Sentry Gun combo. As long as you can get to the Hellstorm Missile, it’ll chain into the Lightning, which will earn you the Sentry Gun 9 times out of 10. Trying to get those upper level streaks? Try out the Stealth Chopper, VSAT or EMP, Swarm combo. The streaks will work well together and get you the points needed to reach the Swarm.


8.) Save Scorestreaks in Domination

This happens way too often. Round 1 is drawing to a close. There are 10-15 seconds left. Someone calls in a powerful streak, and it’s an absolute waste. If you have a Sentry Gun and there is only a minute or so left in Round 1, wait until the next round. If it’s not destroyed, a Sentry Gun can last nearly an entire round. Don’t use a scorestreak if Round 1 is about to end!

9.) Adjust Sensitivity

Black Ops 2, like any COD game, is about having your head on a swivel. While the default sensitivity is great for many players, you might want to consider bumping it up or down to find the appropriate level for you. You want to make sure you’re checking corners, watching your back, and doing whatever you can to get the first shot. In Black Ops2, gun battles are fast and frequent. Having the first shot gives you a huge advantage, and part of that is constantly looking around to see enemy movement. Adjust the sensitivity if you have to.

10.) Take a Break

Find yourself getting frustrated and not playing well? Take a break. When you come back to the game you’ll play much better, and this game is about having fun. If you’re not having fun, stop playing and come back to it later.

Check out this Scorestreak guide to learn the streaks. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

What are some tips for people new to Call of Duty or are having trouble with Black Ops 2? Let us know!

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