Terminator Franchise Operational Again!


It’s good to see action movie superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger waste no time getting back in the game. The trailer for his upcoming flick The Last Stand is packed with everything you could hope for, and that comes on the heels of news that he is ready to travel through time and help Jon Connor save the human race once again. From IGN on the franchise:

It’s taken a year and a half of negotiating, but Annapurna Pictures’ Megan Ellison has closed a deal with Pacificor to acquire the rights to The Terminator series. The plan is to make a new group of movies, with Ellison’s brother David now set to co-produce the films through his Skydance Productions. The rights also include potential TV projects, home entertainment, merchandise and video games….

JoBlo has more on Schwarzenegger’s involvement:

Megan Ellison, the super-producer behind Annapurna Pictures…does have Arnold Schwarzenegger committed to appear in the film.

Ellison produced the buzzing action biopic Zero Dark Thirty which shows that she should have the chops to keep up with the Governator (is it former Governator?)- who shows no signs of slowing down. More details will be forthcoming as flydrs stays on top of the developments.

Harrison Hickok is a contributing writer for flydrs.com


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