Trailer Catch Up: The Prototype (2013)


I don’t think the title is referring to the next gen Google glasses the protagonist has – but I’ve been wrong before. Written and directed by Andrew Will, who up until this point hasn’t been much more than a production assistant (albeit on the most recent Star Trek, Beowulf, and Monster House) the trailer is exciting and looks to successfully separate the gimmick (the always interesting technological singularity) from the story of a man trying to save someone he loves. The trap of getting caught up in visual effects at the cost of the story is all too common, so flydrs makes a point of looking for that red flag in all upcoming releases. Nothing like that shows up in the trailer below, which is very reassuring. The small cast, and bigger budget (rumored around $40 million) looks to be utilized well. It also has a District 9 feel too it, which only bodes well for it’s success. We will have more details about how wide the release is as June 21st 2013 get’s closer and check back often for any more updates as flydrs will be following this film closely.

Harrison Hickok is a contributing writer for


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