Tarantino Offing His Directing Career?


Calm down, take a breath. We all know that the writer/director has always considered himself more of a writer than anything else. And as this interview from The Hollywood Reporter reveals, the industry’s turn towards the digital isn’t making directing any more appealing. What it sounds like is that he’s going to continue to write big, epic films (Django Unchained has a reported runtime of 2:45+!) and maybe make them into mini-series’. Which I’m ok with. Kill Bill was multiple parts and fantastic. I’d watch Tarantino all day, so giving him the resources and freedom to direct a long, mini-series format would be fantastic. HBO and Showtime better give him and call and find out what he’s thinking before he recedes into the shadows of his mind and starts writing….novels? Come on Quint, you just need a bigger reel.

Django Unchained comes out Christmas Day

Harrison Hickok is a contributing writer on flydrs.com


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