New: Trailer Park: Dark Skies (2013)

The Trailer Park is a recurring segment that highlights trailers that aren’t getting a lot of attention across the rest of the web, but might be a sleeper. Pros and cons will be weighed, and we’ll prognosticate why it’ll rise from attention-impoverished obscurity to Hilary Swank-like glory and not stay lost as a proverbial sleeveless, shameless, spittoon-attachment winnebago bumbling slowly around the forgotten wastelands of the internet. 

Dark Skies is our first specimen. At first, Keri Russell drew me in (how can I not support Kurt Russell’s daughter?) as well as the film’s sci-fi potential. Some creepy things start happening ala Poltergeist. Then J.K. Simmons shows up, as a veteran UFO-ologist/unshaven nut, confirming Keri Russell’s fears that her family has been chosen for…something not good. What seal’s this movie as a Phoenix (and not a heap of ashes) is the director.  Scott Charles Stewart’s resume on the director side isn’t that impressive (I’ll admit, I enjoyed Legion, but it didn’t change my life, and the story needed to exist beyond shooting a bunch of stuff), but what can’t be denied is that he is part of the one of the greatest visual effects teams ever. The Orphanage did work on The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Sin City, Grindhouse, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Mars Attacks, and even the 2007 final cut of Blade Runner! That’s some serious stuff. I predict that Scott Charles Stewart (should we just start calling him SCS? ok.) will eventually make a break through as a better-than-average popcorn flick director. Dark Skies has potential to be the flick that get people talking about him in a brighter light, and will deliver some scares (and J.K. Simmons one-liners) to boot.

Prediction: 60% Phoenix.

Harrison Hickok is a contributing writer for


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