New: Trailer Park: Black Rock (2013)

Lots of positives jump out about this one. If 3 attractive girls stranded on an island doesn’t grab you right away then maybe these facts will. This is directed by the very competent Kate Aselton (The Freebie) and written by her talented husband (and The League co-star) Mark Duplass (Jeff, Who Lives At Home was one of the best/funniest/most memorable movies of 2011). Granted, neither have ventured into feature length horror, but they seem like a couple who would enjoy a good challenge. Add to that the addition of fiery Lake Bell and blonde bombshell Kate Bosworth. There are also a lot of vibes akin to The Descent and The Most Dangerous Game” – two great sources of inspiration. A good creative team, a writer that only writes good stories, and talented leading ladies will make this the easiest Phoenix I’ve found yet. Shine on, Black Rock.

Spring 2013

Prediction: 90% Phoenix

Harrison Hickok is a contributing writer for


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