Dragonborn DLC Details: What to Expect from Skyrim's Next Add-on

Dragonborn DLC Details:  What to Expect from Skyrim’s Next Add-on

The Dragonborn DLC hits XBLA tomorrow, and a taste of what’s to come has been released by a beta tester for the add-on.  Even though the trailer showed what appeared to be dragon mounts, it was unclear whether or not this highly requested feature would be a part of the DLC.  Fortunately, the beta tester confirmed that dragon mounts will be a part of the add-on, and there will be corresponding achievements associated with this new feature.


The DLC will add a healthy amount of content to the game, as well.  Though it can be rushed through in about 10 hours or so, accomplishing everything the content has to offer will take a considerable amount of time.  The beta tester had already sunk over 30 hours of gameplay into the DLC, without finishing it entirely.  Along with new towns and dungeons to explore, expect challenging new enemies, powerful weapons and armor, and even new spells and shouts as well.  There is even a quest, “Ebony Warrior,” that only becomes available once you reach level 81, sure to provide the challenge these high level players are seeking.

What type of playthrough are you working on right now?  Have you started a new character in anticipation of the Dragonborn DLC, or working on leveling up your existing character in order to play the Ebony Warrior quest?

Pick up the Dragonborn DLC on XBLA for 1600 Microsoft Points on December 4th, 2012.

Robert Birmingham is Editor-in-chief at flydrs.com.  


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