Surface Pro Pricing Details

Surface Pro Pricing Details

The Surface tablet is getting a lot of hype.  The commercial has been on continuous loop to the point where you’ve probably seen it a million times.  As cool as the commercial and song are, it might not help the device now that pricing information for the Pro model have been announced.  The Surface Pro comes in at $899 with 64GB of storage, up to $999 with 128GB of storage.  The regular Surface is already pretty expensive, coming in at $499 – $699 depending on storage capacity and if you include the Touch Cover.


PC World has full details on the Surface Pro.  At nearly the cost of a robust notebook, the Surface Pro has an interesting price point.  Priced even higher than the already expensive iPads, albeit with impressive specs and features, the Surface Pro could be a tough sell to consumers.  In such a competitive industry, it remains to be seen if the clever marketing campaign can help the product sell.

Do you own a Surface or other tablet?  Are you considering picking up a Surface Pro?  Let us hear your thoughts on this product and if you think it’s worth it.

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