Black Ops 2 Scorestreak Guide – Part 3

Black Ops 2 Scorestreak Guide – Part 3

Scorestreak Guide Part 3 is ready.  In case you missed Part 1 and Part 2, check them out now.

Orbital VSAT – 1200 Points  Orbital_VSAT_Menu_Icon_BOII

The Orbital VSAT is the Black Ops 2 version of the Blackbird streak from the original Black Ops, and costs 1200 Points.  The VSAT shows enemy position and direction on the minimap, in real-time, allowing yourself and teammates a significant advantage over competitors.  In addition, the VSAT has a longer duration than a UAV, which makes it even more game-changing.  When you use the VSAT, you also gains points through any assists that occur throughout its duration.  An Orbital VSAT can greatly alter the course of the battle, and be the difference between winning and losing.  Even more troublesome for opposing players is the fact that it cannot be shot down.  There are some ways to combat it, however.  The Counter UAV is an excellent way to combat the VSAT.  It will disrupt enemy players minimap, and is relatively easy to earn.  For that reason, it’s worthwhile to not use a CUAV immediately in the event the opposition secures a VSAT at some point during the game.

Escort Drone – 1250 Points  Escort_Drone_Menu_icon_BOII

The Escort Drone is a 1250 Point scorestreak.  It’s similar to the AH-6 Overwatch from MW3, but is a bit more difficult to take out.  The Drone will follow the player who calls it in, and provide support.  An Escort Drone is particularly useful for a run-and-gun player that spends significant time in the heart of the enemy.  Often times it’ll help deliver that fatal blow or take out the enemy whose just beyond your reach and would normally put a halt to your streak.  Unlike the AH-6, the Escort Drone isn’t easy to destroy with bullet damage.  In MW3, the Blind Eye Pro perk increased bullet damage vs air support dramatically, to the point where streaks like the AH-6 were very easy to shoot down.  The Escort Drone isn’t afflicted by this same weakness, and is a bigger threat to the enemy.  Expect an Escort Drone to earn quite a few kills before it’s shot down or leaves the map.

EMP Systems – 1300 Points  EMP_Systems_Menu_Icon_BOII

The EMP Systems is another returning streak, this time at the cost of 1300 Points.  An EMP Systems should be familiar to anyone whose played recent COD games.  It disrupts enemy electronics for a set period of time, and will destroy enemy streaks that are currently active.  The enemies screen will become fuzzy, making it more difficult for them to effectively identify targets and provide a tremendous advantage for you and your team.  Things like the reflex sight will not operate properly, which makes it much harder to aim and can really disrupt an enemies playing style.  An EMP system should be used when enemy players call in a powerful streak of their own.  Not only will it destroy their streak, it’ll also earn you a good amount of experience and accomplish some challenges.

Warthog – 1400 Points  Warthog_Menu_Icon_BOII

The Warthog is a powerful streak that costs 1400 Points.  The streak isn’t controlled by the player, which appeals to players who don’t want to be a sitting duck while they use a streak.  It consists of a jet that makes several strafing runs on the enemy, and is capable of making multiple kills per run.  At 1400 Points, though, it’s an expensive streak.  Furthermore, many of the more powerful, better streaks are well within reach once you get to that 1400 Point level.  The Lodestar costs 1500 points, or the VTOL Warship 1600, for instance. As a scorestreak choice, either or those are much better options than the Warthog.  However, if you’re fortunate enough to get one in a care package be sure to secure it right away.

Lodestar – 1500 Points  Lodestar_Menu_Icon_BOII

The Lodestar functions like the Reaper from Modern Warfare 3, and costs 1500 Points.  This high-cost streak is equally high-powered, and after some practice you can be getting 10+ kills per Lodestar.  If you were a fan of the Reaper, you’ll love the Lodestar.  The missiles that it fires come in much faster than the Reaper, making it even more deadly.  If you encounter an enemy Lodestar, you’ll notice its icon on the minimap is large, making it easy to identify.  Taking it out, on the other hand, proves to be more challenging.  A coordinated effort is your best bet at shooting it down before it wreaks too much havoc.  As a 3rd scorestreak choice, you can’t go wrong with the Lodestar.

VTOL Warship – 1600 Points  VTOL_Warship_Menu_Icon_BOII

The VTOL Warship is easily one of the best streaks in the game.  It costs 1600 Points, making it the 3rd most expensive streak in the game.  The VTOL Warship is effectively Black Ops 2 version of the popular Chopper Gunner and Osprey Gunner from previous games.  The VTOL is equipped with a machine-gun and rockets.  The machine-gun can be fired continuously without overheating, and the rockets reload quickly.  A new feature is the ability to direct the VTOL to a different location, should enemies not be in your immediate area.  With this streak, you will absolutely decimate the enemy forces.  The bullets kill extremely quickly, making it likely that enemies who are locking on will be dealt with before they can even get off a shot.  When they’re finally able to shoot the VTOL down, there is still a brief period of time you can keep shooting, making it possible to get a couple more kills.  This is arguably the best streak in the game.

K9 Unit – 1700 Points  K9_Unit_Menu_Icon_BOII

The K9 Unit costs 1700 Points, and is identical to the Attack Dogs from Black Ops.  When you call them in, a group of K9’s will seek out the enemy and you’ll see the kills start piling up.  The K9 Unit is an excellent streak for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, they’re deadly and will get you a significant number of kills.  Beyond that, they actively seek out the enemy on their own, meaning you can go about business as usual.  On top of that, they serve as a major distraction for enemy players, and this period of anxiety can allow yourself and your team to capitalize.  While you don’t get points for assists during the time a K9 Unit is active, you can be sure that your teammates are benefitting from this streak while its running.  Earning this streak from a CP is very rare.

Swarm – 1900 Points  Swarm_Menu_Icon_BOII

The Swarm, at 1900 Points, is the most costly scorestreak in Black Ops 2.  It involves a multitude of Hunter Killer Drones being called into the map at once, and is capable of earning tons of kills.  It’s not uncommon for this streak to get 20+ kills, making it the most deadly streak in Black Ops 2.  The Drones will seek out enemy players and streaks, and while the kills only add +15 points, you stand a good chance of getting your next streak while this is active.  The swarm is difficult to earn as a streak, and will require a healthy dose of skill and patience to earn.  Being crafty helps to earn this streak, whether it be through taking out enemy UAV (+75 Points), throwing EMP grenades at enemy streaks (+125 for Sentry Gun / Guardian, +50 for assists, for instance), or using Hardline, it’ll take a strong player with an effective game-plan to consistently earn this scorestreak reward.  If you find yourself up against an enemy swarm, it’s best to take cover and minimize the damage.

What are some insights you have into any of these streaks, or those mentioned in Part 1 and Part 2 of the scorestreak guide?  Which 3 streaks are you currently using?  Let us know!

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6 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 Scorestreak Guide – Part 3

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    • If you’re playing a game like team deathmatch, a good combination is hellstorm, lightning strike, sentry gun. If you get the hellstorm, it’ll nearly always chain into the lightning, which will get the sentry.

      Depending on if I’m playing well, I’ll use care package, sentry, stealth chopper, or CP, sentry, VTOL. On smaller levels though, you might want to stay away from the CP as it takes quite some time to call in.

      If you’re a strong player, the VSAT, stealth chopper, swarm combination is a viable option, as once you get to the VSAT you stand a good chance of chaining up to the swarm. At that point, it’s likely the stealth chopper and swarm will earn enough points to get close to or start the combo over again.

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