Game of the Decade

Game of the Decade

With BioShock recently being proclaimed the Game of the Decade by Entertainment Weekly and Spike, it has Flydrs wondering if other games were more deserving of that title.  Over the past 10 years, there have been some phenomenal games, from new franchises like the afore-mentioned BioShock, HD remakes such as the God of War HD Collection, and many others that have captivated audiences and created legions of fans.  Here are some titles / series that Flydrs feels are worthy of the Game of the Decade  award.  Weigh in the comments if you agree, or think of any other games that have truly inspired and impressed in the past decade.

Uncharted 2  

The Uncharted series of games has shown what the pinnacle of the PS3 can do.  From amazing, industry leading graphics, remarkable cutscenes and action, to sound mechanics and gameplay, the Uncharted series of games is truly one of the best of the past decade.  With memorable characters, exotic locales, and a multiplayer system that, while not the most played, is certainly sound and holds its own.  Uncharted 2 really helped to wow audiences and showcase how good PS3 exclusives can be.

The locations in Uncharted 2 help bring the most out of this title.

Grand Theft Auto:  San Andreas

Even though GTAIV was released on the next-gen consoles and featured much more impressive visuals, many fans felt that to a certain degree the series took a step backwards coming off the wildly popular San Andreas.  San Andreas is one of the quintessential open-world games from the past decade, with a wealth of things to do.  Players can progress throughout the story, search for hidden items, or do what most people do and enter codes to get the best weapons and vehicles in the game and go on a terror.  BMX bikes, a wide-range of motorcycles, planes, and helicopters help to make San Andreas a fun game for hours to come.  It’s no surprise that Rockstar seems to be incorporating many of these elements in their upcoming title GTAV, after fans expressed loud and clear their absence hindered GTAIV.

Car mods are just one of many features that make San Andreas awesome.

Halo:  Combat Evolved

For many, Halo was their first true endeavor into FPS (Goldeneye 64 fans cringe).  Set in a futuristic world with crazy advanced weapons, Halo had a solid single player campaign that provided challenge to even the most dedicated players on the Legendary difficulty setting.  But the true value to the game came in the Multiplayer.  While nowhere near as robust as the online multiplayer is today, the original Halo flourished on LAN games that pitted 4 vs 4.  To be sure, the game featured a pistol that could demolish virtually any other weapon in the game, and today seems archaic and very barebones, Halo helped pave the way for online multiplayer as we know it today.

Fallout 3

First and foremost, if you have never played Fallout 3, do yourself a favor and head to your local GameStop, Best Buy, etc., and pick it up right now.  Immediately.  Chances are though, you’ve already invested 100’s of hours into this post-apocalyptic, mutant-infested world.  Sure there is a decent storyline in Fallout 3.  The graphics are pretty solid, even by today’s standards.  The draw in Fallout 3 is immersion and collecting.  Traversing the wastes for the next great gun or piece of armor provides that addictive gameplay that’s hard to put down.  Getting to the next level so you can assign that perk you’ve been planning for for the previous five levels is equally satisfying.  Entering VATS and headshotting a bandit?  Priceless.

Metal Gear Solid 4

The Metal Gear franchise has produced some tremendous games over the years.  There were other titles to come out in the past decade, but MGS4 is one of the best.  The cutscenes were incredible and the graphics still look fantastic.  Having Solid Snake as your main character never hurts, either.  The fact the game pays homage to one of the greatest games of all time, Metal Gear Solid from PS1, and travels back to Shadow Moses Island, is the stuff that diehard fans crave for.

God of War 

It’s difficult to pick the best God of War game, as they’ve all been superb.  We’re going to go with the game that started it all, however, and pick the original God of War.  The hacking and slashing, gory visuals, and heroic villain Kratos makes this a game that many have tried to replicate with few succeeding.  Granted, there is no multiplayer to speak of, but that hasn’t mattered much to the series so far.  Brutal kills, excellent level design, and spectacular boss fights have made God of War one of the best franchises to ever grace the PlayStation.

Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare

The Call of Duty series has taken FPS by storm.  Year after year it sets records.  Fast-paced, addictive gameplay.  First-class multiplayer.  And a campaign to boot are hallmarks of the series.  The first Modern Warfare is still held in high regards by fans of the series.  From the multiplayer maps to the perks and leveling system, many features that we take for granted today were introduced by MW.  To not mention Modern Warfare in a Game of the Decade discussion would be foolish.

Which game do you think deserves Game of the Decade nomination?  Give us your opinion in the comments section.  Also, be sure to come back to Flydrs on Dec. 14th to see which games won awards for 2012 in Flydrs Games of the Year article.

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