Black Ops 2 Scorestreak Guide – Part 2

Black Ops 2 Scorestreak Guide – Part 2

Wondering how to get the most out of the scorestreaks in Call of Duty:  Black Ops 2?  This guide will help!  In case you missed Part 1 of the guide, click on the link to check it out.

Death Machine – 850 Points  

Anyone who has played the zombies mode has surely run into the Death Machine at some point in time.  If you’ve never used it, however, it’s a minigun that can be yours if you earn 850 points.  For MP, it comes with 200 rounds, which might seem like a lot, but they run out quickly in the Death Machine.  You can toggle back and forth between your regular weapon, Death Machine, and other streaks, a feature that is very useful given the fact you move very slowly when you have it equipped.  Granted, you can still sprint with the DM equipped, but at speeds comparable to the juggernaut streak from MW3.  The DM can be zoomed-in slightly, and is amazing at short to intermediate ranges.  At longer ranges, you run the risk of getting picked off before you can zero in on the target.  If you kill someone using a DM, you get bonus points.  For the wielder, if you get killed while using it, you’ll still be able to use it after your respawn until all the ammo is used.  While this is an 850 point streak, it still might be worth risking rerolling it to get a more user-friendly or powerful streak.  Often times, however, a reroll will result in a warmachine (or death machine if you have the warmachine).

War Machine – 900 Points  

Think of the War Machine as a grenade launcher on steroids.  War Machine scorestreak costs 900 points.  The weapon has 12 rounds total, 6 rounds per clip, that can be fired extremely quickly.  It can be fired as-is, or zoomed in for greater precision.  From a high vantage point near critical areas, it can rain down on the enemy and is capable or picking up double kills or better.  It’s debatable if this streak is better than the comparably priced Death Machine, but if you decide to use this streak you’ll be able to quickly shoot all of the grenades, get your kills, and go back to business as usual much faster than if you use the Death Machine.  Learning the trajectories takes some practice, and for that reason it might be worthwhile to reroll if you find yourself not connecting with a regularity that results in consistent kills.


The Dragonfire scorestreak costs 975 Points, and is the aircraft featured in the Prestige edition of the game.  It’s a small aircraft that uses a light-machine gun, and is capable of hovering or moving relatively quickly across the map.  It can reach pretty high altitudes, and can be zoomed in for greater precision.  However, when you move in you will not be able to fly as quickly, making the Dragonfire an easier target to shoot down.  In the hands of a skilled pilot, though, the Dragonfire is extremely deadly, and can kill 10+ enemies before being shot down or time expires.  If you’re going up against a Dragonfire, look at your radar to locate the aircraft.  You can use a launcher to take it down, or simply shoot it down.  An EMP grenade can even be used if the craft flies low.  The armor on the Dragonfire isn’t substantial, and it will only take a few bullets to knock it out of the sky.  Still, it’s a small target that packs quite a punch, making this a strong scorestreak.

A.G.R. – 1000 Points  

The A.G.R. streak costs 1000 Points, and airdrops a small robot which can seek out enemies on its own or be controlled remotely.  On its own, the A.G.R. is capable and will surely earn quite a few kills before it’s destroyed.  The device can also be controlled remotely.  It takes some practice to get the most out of the A.G.R., but if you’re familiar with the Assault Drone from MW3 you’ll feel right at home.  It has a machine gun and missile launcher that are equally deadly.  Furthermore, the A.G.R. doesn’t show up on the enemy radar until it’s fairly close to them, providing an element of surprise to a certain degree.  As with many of the other streaks, however, the EMP grenade is the solution to the A.G.R.  For that reason, the usefulness of the EMP grenade cannot be understated.  It’s a game-changing, device.  The A.G.R. can also be taken out with a single C4.  With that said, however, the A.G.R. is still an excellent mid-to-upper level streak that should be used whenever you get it in a care package.

Stealth Chopper  

If you used the Assault Helicopter in MW3 and were disappointed in the results, and that disappointment has lead you away from the Stealth Chopper in Black Ops 2, you need to reconsider.  The Stealth Chopper in Black Ops 2 is much, much better.  Not only is it harder to shoot down, it’s also more difficult to locate because it doesn’t show up on the enemy radar. Furthermore, the guns on the Stealth Chopper hone in on the enemy better and earn more kills.  Lots of kills.  It’s not uncommon for a single Stealth Chopper to get 10+ kills.  You can also place the Stealth Chopper right in the heart of the enemy location, another improvement that helps to highlight this streak.  If you find yourself caught underneath a Stealth Chopper, it’s probably already too late.  Make sure to have a create-a-class with Blind Eye and a launcher to help out your teammates when you come back.  The Stealth Chopper costs a healthy 1100 Points.

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**Update*  Part 3 of the guide.

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6 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 Scorestreak Guide – Part 2

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  2. The Helicopter in MW3 was excellent in Free-For-All, especially when paired with AH-6 Overwatch, allowing you to have 2 helicopters out at the same time.

    Just saying.

    Also, you can have two Guardians and Sentry Guns out at the same time, best on objective games.

    • Nice points. I just remember a lot of times having my helicopter shot out of the sky before it even got on the map. Totally agree about the two Guardians and Sentries, as well. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Someone on youtube was also commenting on gamemodes such as Kill Confirmed or Hardpoint, it is best to have lower killstreaks such as UAV, Drone, and Hellstorm/Lightning Strike so you can cycle through them quickly and rack up major points in game and link from one streak to another and in the after-record where you get bonus points pending on how many of those killstreak kills you get (more Lightning kills=more bonus points etc).

    Base the Lightning/Hellstorm around/on objectives and such and yada yada

    Worked rather well seeing as how I find it hard to stay alive for higher killstreaks due to the HORRIBLE spawning system on these tiny maps and the lag comp that allows me to die in 2 hits but I get hitmarkers all day when I shoot.

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