The Walking Dead – When The Dead Come Knocking Review – Season 3

The Walking Dead – When The Dead Come Knocking Review – Season 3


With just one episode to go before The Walking Dead takes its midseason break, business is picking up in the land of the undead.  Michonne’s chance encounter with Glenn and Maggie, followed up by her unexpected appearance at the prison, set things up for last nights episode.  Having barely escaped Merle’s assault and suffering from a gunshot wound, Michonne was only able to escape becoming walker food by being drenched in their bloods and guts and avoiding detection.  When Rick saw her outside the fence, he was naturally hesitant to offer aid, but nonetheless raced outside the prison gates to help.  Luckily, Carl was able to take out some of the walkers that were right by Michonne, who had become alerted of her presence by the blood oozing from her gunshot wound.  Valiant as she might be, the loss of blood and fatigue was too much to overcome, causing her to pass out.  When she came to, she was inside the prison with Rick and company surrounding her.

Michonne was immediately distrustful, and reached for her sword, which Rick promptly kicked away.  Rick had saved Michonne and was willing to allow Hershel to treat her wounds, but she wasn’t gaining trust by reaching for her weapon.  Noticing the baby formula which she had brought with her, the group was wondering what she was doing with such replies. After telling how she had come across Glenn and Maggie, and mentioning Woodbury and the Governor, Rick was still distrustful but realized if some of his people had gone missing, sitting around and doing nothing was not an option.  Hershel helped treat Michonne’s gun wounds, again showing how lucky the group is to have someone with his medical skills.  Wasting no time, Rick assembled a team to go to Woodbury and rescue his captive friends.

Woodbury, here we come.

Meanwhile, Glenn and Maggie were being held prisoner at Woodbury, and being shown hospitality that only Merle can deliver.  Glenn endured the brunt of the punishment, being beaten senseless by Merle and even having a walker set on him.  Merle brought a walker into the room where Glenn was being interrogated, and let it loose.  Glenn, who was bound to a chair, was surely thought to be a goner, but in a frantic scene was somehow able to break free and kill the walker.  That scene embodied what When The Dead Come Knockingwas all about – tense moments of uncertainty, panic, and desperation.

It got much worse for Glenn after this scene.

Maggie was faring no better, unfortunately.  Although Merle was told to step aside and let the Governor do the interrogating, viewers surely wondered if that was for the better or worse.  It turned out to be for the worse.  The Governor is a twisted human being who enjoys toying with people, playing at their emotions.  In the scene with Maggie, this personality was in full effect, as he forced her to undress in front of him.  Just when it seemed that the worst was going to happen, the Governor stopped and left her there to contemplate her situation.  Clearly the Governor wanted to show her who was in charge, and that he was a force that shouldn’t be reckoned with.

Next, he entered Glenn’s room with Merle and another guard, and brought along Maggie.  In a swift and ruthless manner, the Governor pulled out his pistol and threatened to kill Glenn if they didn’t reveal their groups location.  Maggie wept and reluctantly gave the information, at which point the Governor coldly embraced her and told her “it was okay.”  I half expected the Governor to go over the top and break her neck or something insane, but rather he left her and Glenn together, seemingly satisfied with the information he had extracted.

What happened next was interested; the Governor angrily questioned whether a small group of survivors was able to clear the entire prison, something his own men had previously said couldn’t be done.  This is the first time we hear him mention the prison, as it was clearly something the residents of Woodbury had considered, but apparently thought wasn’t feasible.  If Maggie was indeed telling the truth, the fact that such a small group was able to secure the prison disgusted the Governor, but also in some twisted way probably satisfied him.  After all, if the prison was secure and free of walkers, it’d offer an even greater sanctuary than Woodbury currently provides.  With that said, however, the possibility of Glenn and Maggie’s group coming for them was a very real and likely situation that had to be considered.  The wheels behind those crazy eyes certainly don’t stop turning.

Rick’s entourage was already on their way, however.  Accompanied by Daryl, Michonne, and Oscar, Rick drove as close to Woodbury as possible before Michonne mentioned they should go the rest of the way on foot.  Not long after getting out of the car, though, the group was quickly surrounded by walkers and were left with no other choice but to flee take refuge in a barn-type dwelling.  Oddly enough, there was someone living there!  As anyone who was abruptly woken up from his slumber during a zombie apocalypse, the gentleman living there was freaked out and grabbed his shotgun.  Unaware of the impending danger outside his door, he attempted to run but was stabbed by Michonne, who did what she must do.  In another great scene from the episode, Rick motioned for Oscar to check the back door – it was clear.  They then opened the front door and threw the lifeless body outside for the walkers to feast on.  It was a creative and humorous scene, and also allowed Rick and company to escape and continue on their way.

Milton and his test subject.

One scene that was puzzling was the scene with Andrea and Milton, the Governor’s scientist.  Milton was set on studying the reanimation process to see if a walker had any concept of his or her previous life.  A member of the Woodbury community had cancer and volunteered to be a test subject when he passed away.  Milton had set up a number of test questions and recorded the responses to compare them with any responses a walker might give.  Unfortunately for Milton, walkers simply want to eat, and he would have been a goner if not for Andrea being there.  When the test subject, Coleman reanimated, there was no indication it understood any of the questions.  Rather, it almost took a chunk out of Milton, before Andrea delivered a knife to the skull and ended the threat.  The concept of the study was interesting, as it seemed there might be a hint of memories left in the walkers.  The pilot episode showed the little girl zombie pick up her stuffed animal; Morgan’s wife seemed to have a memory of the final house she stayed in before she died.  Alas, we’ll have to wait to see how that part of the storyline develops.

The midseason finale is this Sunday and will surely be as hectic and chaotic as last years midseason episode.  Did you like When The Dead Come Walking?  Are you hoping for Merle to defect and somehow join his brother and Rick’s group?  Let us know in the comments!

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