Black Ops 2 Scorestreaks Guide – Part 1

Black Ops 2 Scorestreaks Guide – Part 1

Call of Duty:  Black Ops 2 features a new take on the popular streaks that have characterized the series.  Introducing scorestreaks, which are earned by accruing points by getting kills, securing objectives, or even destroying enemy streaks and equipment, add to the frantic gameplay that is Black Ops 2 multiplayer.  The points required for each streak vary, and can be obtained easier by using the Hardline perk in the perk 1 slot.  Knowing which streaks to use and getting the most out of them will ensure your rise on the leaderboards and your teams victory.  Refer to the Part 1 guide to make sure you’re on the right track for UAV through the Sentry Gun.

UAV – 425 Points

The UAV is the most basic streak in Black Ops 2, but easily one of the most useful.  It was so useful that the bumped up the number of points needed from 35o to 425.  It reveals enemy position on the mini map, and gives players +10 points for every assist while it’s in the air.  Due to the fact that the Ghost perk has been limited in Black Ops 2, it makes the UAV even more useful.  Early on this is a streak you’ll want to use as it’s the easiest to obtain, will help your team, and the additional assist points will get you that much closer to your 2nd streak. The frequency with which UAV’s are used, coupled with the Ghost perk being less effective, have caused some of the gaming community to question whether or not the UAV streak should require more points to earn.

RC-XD – 450 Points  

The RC-XD also returns from Black Ops.  This streak costs 450 points, and lets the player drive a remote controlled car with explosives attached.  After a set period of time, the explosive will blow up.  The car drives pretty quickly, but is relatively easy to shoot. There is also a boost button, however, which really speeds up the car and lets you traverse the map quickly.  It is possible to get the car stuck on walls, columns, or other parts of the map, so drive carefully.  While certainly not among the most devastating streaks, the RC-XD is fun to use and easy to obtain. Expect to get no more than a double kill most of the time, though.

Hunter Killer Drone – 525 Points  

The Hunter Killer Drone is a new streak to the series, and features a miniature drone that is harmful to enemy players and vehicles.  The drone flies on its own, and seeks out the nearest player or enemy streak.  Again, this isn’t a streak that is going to devastate the enemy team, but that doesn’t undermine its usefulness.  It can earn kills, which are useful, but its main benefit is the fact that it takes out enemy streaks.  From UAVs to even ground streaks like Sentry Guns, the Hunter Killer Drone will search out and destroy, leaving the user to continue on in the battle and earn kills or secure objectives.

Care Package – 550 Points  

The Care Package is another streak that has become a staple of the Call of Duty series.  In Black Ops 2, it costs 550 points and drops a random scorestreak.  While UAV, CUAV, and RC-XD are the most common drops, there is also the chance to be rewarded with a Swarm, Attack Dogs, or the Lodestar.  The streak can also be rerolled with the Engineer perk, which can turn a simple UAV into a powerful VTOL Warship.  The amount of time it takes for the helicopter to fly in and drop the care package is pretty lengthy, though, so be sure you’re in an isolated part of the map.  To be sure, it’s best to wait until you respawn in friendly territory before using the streak.  Beware of lame teammates, however, who will surely try to steal your hard-earned reward.  Particularly frustrating is that if a teammate tries to take your care package, you will not be able to reroll it.  In any event, you will be able to secure the package faster, but it’s a shame that friendlies will resort to this immature tactic.  Even though the stronger scorestreaks are rare, the care package is one of the most useful streaks because it allows a 550 Point streak to result in the most powerful streaks in the game.

Counter-UAV – 600 Points  

The Counter-UAV costs 600 points and renders the enemy radar useless for a short period of time.  Timed correctly, it can seriously undermine an enemies efforts.  The CUAV is best saved for when an enemy UAV is deployed, or even better, the powerful Orbital VSAT.  As many know, the Orbital VSAT reveals enemy position and direction in real-time, and cannot be shot down.  The CUAV is the perfect counter to the Orbital VSAT.  Like the UAV, however, the CUAV is easy to spot in Black Ops 2 and can be easily shot down with a launcher.  Nonetheless, the situational effectiveness of the CUAV cannot be underestimated.

Guardian – 650 Points  

The Guardian is a new streak in Black Ops 2 that costs 650 Points.  Shown in one of the premier trailers for the game, it’s basically a device that emits a wave that slows, disorients, and damages the enemy.  The suppression will give players points, and the damage can even kill the enemy over time.  The Guardian is best used in an objective game mode, where it’s placed by an objective or in a high-traffic area.  Even better is when the Guardian is paired with an offensive streak like the Sentry Gun.  Like many of the streaks, the Guardian is easily disabled with an EMP grenade.  It can also be shot down with the Dragonfire.  Having an intimate knowledge of the maps and the choke points is vital towards getting the most out of the Guardian scorestreak.

Hellstorm Missile – 700 Points  

The Hellstorm Missile is an offensive streak that costs 700 Points and is useful on open maps.  The missile has a main armament and can be used to deploy a cluster bomb that carpets an area.  The Hellstorm effectively functions as the predator missile in Black Ops 2, and can easily earn triple kills or better.  Again, this is a streak that should be used on open maps as enemies can duck into buildings to avoid being hit.

Lightning Strike – 750 Points  

If you’re not having much success with the Hellstorm Missile, try out the Lightning Strike instead.  It costs 750 points, and is like the Artillery strike from Black Ops, but much more effective.  The Lightning Strike lets a player place 3 strike points on the map to deliver a pinpoint strike from 3 fighter jets.  The jets fire precision missiles that can destroy the enemy with a well-placed strike.  Moreover, because the strikes come in very quickly with little to no warning, it’s very difficult to escape the blast.  Whether or not to use the Hellstorm or Lightning Strikes comes down to preference, but the Lightning Strike tends to be more user-friendly.

Sentry Gun – 800 Points  

The Sentry Gun makes its return to Black Ops 2, but this time it’s much more powerful than previous games.  Whereas in Modern Warfare 3 for instance, the Sentry Gun was easily dispatched with a single knife strike, the Black Ops 2 version isn’t easily disposed of (except by the EMP Grenade).  This time, the Sentry Gun lasts a very long time, almost a full round in Domination for example.  It’s fully capable on its own, racking up kills and disrupting the enemy.  Not only that, it can also be controlled remotely, which can come in very handy.  The Sentry Gun is by far one of the most effective scorestreaks for its value, and should be considered my all types of players regardless of skill level.

Check out Part 2 and Part 3 of the Scorestreak Guide.

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