The Walking Dead – “Say The Word” Review – Season 3

The Walking Dead – “Say The Word” Review – Season 3


In the wake of the craziness that was last week’s episode, The Walking Dead resumed last night without some of the mainstay characters of the show and with others still reeling from the tragic events that took place.  Lori and T-Dog were victims of the former inmate Andrew’s plot to take back the prison, and Carol, presumed dead by the other survivors, was nowhere to be found.  Rick, in a state of shock and despair, rushed back inside the prison, axe in hand to exact revenge on the undead foes that disrupted their brief period of “peace,” despite the fact that his newborn baby was in a precarious situation given the fact the group had no milk or formula.

Helplessness and despair was quickly replaced with revenge and violence.

Say the Word,” saw the show bounce back and forth from the aftermath at the prison, to Michonne and Andrea’s situation at Woodbury.  The Governor, who had never mentioned what happened to his daughter, is shown brushing her hair at the beginning of the episode.  What looks to be a peaceful moment soon turns into horror, as the viewer realizes that his daughter is a walker.  A piece of her scalp rips off as the Governor brushes her hair, at which point he proceeds to bound and place a mask over her head.  Michonne, ever distrustful of the Governor and hesitant to believe that Woodbury was the safe-haven it was projected to be, is seeking to find the evidence she needs to convince Andrea they have to leave as soon as possible.  As the Governor secures his daughter, he looks out the window to see Michonne staring, though it’s unclear if she had actually saw what took place.

Compounding matters, Michonne actually breaks into the Governor’s room to retrieve her sword.  It’s there that she puts two and two together, realizing that the Governor is keeping his daughter locked in captivity.  After a close call and almost getting caught, Michonne leaves the room and ventures into another part of the Woodbury complex.  She stumbles across a group of captive walkers, and immediately sets them loose.  In one of the best scenes of the show so far, she hacks and slashes them to pieces.  Unfortunately, one of the Governor’s men witnesses this act, and she’s brought in for questioning.  The Governor recognizes that for as much a problem as Michonne has been, she would make an excellent member of the team if he could somehow convince her to do his bidding.  Michonne has little desire to do neither, and quickly disarms the Governor of her sword, for a brief moment even having the razor-sharp katana on his neck.  She could have easily killed him, but instead walks out of the room.  One has to wonder how much longer the Governor will tolerate her insubordinate behavior.Michonne tries one last time to get Andrea to leave, but is unsuccessful in doing so.  She leaves Woodbury alone.

Michonne. Katana. Epic.

Andrea is joined by the Governor, who offers his company so that she might forget about the unfortunate developments with Michonne.  Andrea attends what seems like a concert or show, but quickly has the feel of a gladiatorial bout.  A group of chained walkers is placed in a circle with two contestants in the center.  Merle, who has reached an almost celebrity status for his fighting acumen, faces a challenger.  Andrea is horrified by this disgusting act of entertainment, but the Governor assures her the fights are staged and it’s merely a way  for the people of Woodbury to face their fear of walkers.  Merle is victorious, and as the crowd chants his name, the truth of Woodbury is slowly starting to sink in with Andrea.  Even with all the dangers outside the walls, she might have been better off leaving with Michonne.

Back at the prison, Rick has completely lost it, rushing headlong into the prison and beheading any walker that comes in his path.  Outside in the courtyard, Daryl has assumed a position of leadership, and immediately makes an effort to find formula for the baby.  Maggie goes along with him, as there is a daycare nearby that might have the supplies the baby desperately needs.  At the daycare, there is a suspenseful scene that surely had viewers thinking “toddler walkers,” but alas there were no walkers in the building.  Daryl and Maggie make it back to the prison, with Daryl feeding the baby.  It’s interesting to see the progression of Daryl’s character, and how much the group relies on his survival ability and mindset.  Perhaps he’ll take on an even more assertive and powerful role moving forward.

Rick, on the other hand, is clearly not in the right state of mind.  In his bloodlust, he nearly hurt Glen, who had gone into the prison to bring Rick back to reality and sanity.  Instead, Rick shoves him away and continues on his reckless journey.  Eventually, he reaches the area where Lori had the baby and died, but her body isn’t there.  For a second, I thought that perhaps Carl didn’t shoot her, but those thoughts quickly vanished as I realized what had happened: another walker had gorged on her remains.  Rick shoots that walker, and proceeds to stab violently at it’s stomach. It seemed as though he might have been trying to get Lori’s wedding ring, but it was more so just a continuation of his anger and hopelessness.  The episode ends with a phone ringing in the boiler room section of the prison.  A bewildered Rick answers the phone, and the episode ends.

There were many questions at the end of this episode.  Who was the caller on the other end of the line?  Will Rick be able to bounce back from these tragedies and resume his mantle of leadership?  What is going to happen with Andrea, and where will Michonne end up?  Stay tuned until next week, and as always bookmark for continuing coverage and analysis on The Walking Dead.  

REVIEW – 8.5 / 10 – GOOD

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