Toejam and Earl Review – PSN, XBLA

Toejam and Earl Review – PSN, XBLA  

When Toejam and Earl arrived for the Sega Genesis back in 1991, it brought a unique style of gameplay and innovation that remains fresh till this day.  Long overdue on the PSN and XBLA, Toejam and Earl finally reached those gaming marketplaces earlier this week.  Remarkably, after 20+ years since the game was first released, Toejam and Earl remains a uniquely fun game that can be enjoyed by old-school and modern gamers alike.

For those who never played the game, Toejam and Earl is a game that involves 2 wayward aliens crash landing on planet earth.  Their spaceship destroyed, the intrepid adventurers must travel throughout earth and find the missing ship pieces with hopes of reconstructing their craft and returning to their home planet, Funkotron.  Players progress throughout the game by finding ship pieces located on different levels, and then reaching an elevator that takes them one level up.  Earthlings present varying degrees of danger, and come in many different forms, from a maniacal dentist, swarms of bees, and even the infamous phantom ice cream truck.

Fortunately, Toejam and Earl can pick up different presents located throughout the map that can help (or hinder) them during their journey.  Presents like super hitops, which allow the player to quickly run across the map, to icarus wings that give the player a short period of flight, help to switch up the gameplay and provide the crucial escape ability should the situation get rough.  There are helpful earthlings, as well.  The Carrot Man helps by identifying unknown presents, albeit for a fee of $2.  Other helpful earthlings include a magician that restores health and an opera singer that kills any enemy on the screen.

The XBLA and PSN versions of the game also come with some added bonuses and features.  There is online network play, which is great addition to the game.  Being able to play with others online is a necessary and welcomed addition.  Aside from online co-op, there are also new trial challenges that involve players completing the random or fixed worlds as fast as they can.  These new features help to add replay value to the game, and complement what is already an amazing game.

If you never played Toejam and Earl, definitely pick it up.  It can be had for $4.99 on PSN, and 800MS Points on XBLA.  The XBLA version also comes with the sequel to Toejam and Earl, Panic on Funkotron, but the original game is by far the better game.  Being able to buy the versions separately on PSN is definitely the better bet, but the fact the games have come to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is what’s most important.  Fans of the Genesis version have no doubt already gotten their hands on this classic title.

Review – 9.5/10

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