Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two – Hands on Impressions

Releases November 18th.

Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two – Hands on Impressions

Disney’s Epic Mickey 2 hits shelves later this month on multiple consoles.  Following in the footsteps of Epic Mickey, The Power of Two places a paintbrush in Mickey’s hands and lets the player shape the world as they see fit.  Whether it be painting Toons into life, or fading them from existence with thinner, Mickey is able to use his brush to manipulate the world and solve challenges.

In the brief demo, there are a number of small challenges that are not difficult but make good use of the paint tools.  From painting platforms and other objects to reach certain areas, or painting a treasure chest and obtaining its contents, the brush tool is a major component of the game.  Enemies can be painted and turned friendly, or taken on with the thinner which erases them from the world.  All throughout, Mickey’s friend Oswald offers assistance and helps solve puzzles.  A 2nd player can take control of Oswald, but he can also be prompted by Mickey to do certain commands. Mickey is able to throw Oswald up into the air and glide around, for instance.

The graphics for Epic Mickey 2 are not mind-blowing, but the color palettes are amazing and the Disney art-style is easy on the eyes.  The controls are pretty sound, and the game employs a cursor icon similar to the Walking Dead games by Telltale.  Throughout the game, there are collected items that can be obtained and used at later points, which is a nice touch that encourages players to explore an area in its entirety.  With so many games designed to appeal to an older audience, Epic Mickey 2 is a family friendly game that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two releases on November 18th, 2012 on all the major consoles as well as for Mac and PC.

Robert Birmingham is Editor-in-chief at Flydrs.com. 


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