Nintendo Wii U – Hands on Impressions

Nintendo Wii U Basic Console

The Nintendo Wii U comes out in a few short weeks, and have captured the attention of the video game industry.  With slick new controls and HD capabilities, the Wii U is shaping up to be one of the must-have items this holiday season.  Pre-orders for the system have been amazing, with nearly every major retailer sold out as of now.  A recent trip to a local Best Buy allowed flydrs to get a hands on taste of the Wii U.

Here are the impressions.

The only demo available to play was Rayman Legends.  There were 18 other games that showed videos, but many of those are already online and have been examined thoroughly.  Rayman Legends was the sole playable game, and in short, it was awesome.  The graphics were extremely vibrant and colorful, and showed what the system was capable of.  Even though it’s a side-scrolling game, the graphics were impressive and the use of the GamePad fun but not cumbersome.  While I wasn’t originally considering picking up Rayman Legends right away, playing the demo has made me think twice.  The extensive Wii U lineup is making some difficult choices for gamers!

The graphics in Rayman Legends are alive and colorful.

The Wii U GamePad is a great piece of technology.  For as large as the device is, it was surprisingly light and easy to use.  The touch screen is a nice size and easy to use.  The analogs are precise and comfortable.  Overall I was very impressed with the GamePad, though I feel for games like Black Ops 2 the Pro Controller will be a much better option.  Still, for the functionality of the controller, the GamePad is going to be a remarkable piece of hardware.

I would have liked to tried ZombiU and New Super Mario U, but will be playing the full versions soon enough. Expect a thorough review of each title shortly after the system launches later this month.  Have you been able to play the Wii U in stores yet?  What were your impressions?

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