The Walking Dead – "Killer Within" Review – Season 3

The Walking Dead – “Killer Within” Review – Season 3


Let’s get it out of the way, the “Killer Within,” was an amazing episode.  Main characters died.  Zombies swarmed. Intense periods of chaos and uncertainty.  In Killer Within, some transforming moments occurred that really set the stage for the rest of the season.  Where to begin?

Bouncing back and forth between the Andrea / Michonne situation in the Governor’s safe haven community Woodbury and Rick’s group of survivors at the prison, Killer Within had an ideal level of balance.  Merle revealed his desire to look for his brother Daryl.  Andrea and Michonne discussed when they should leave Woodbury.  The Governor practiced his golf swing, and had a great line about Augusta National.  Make no mistake, however, that the main pieces of action and drama unfolded at the prison.

The episode opened with an unknown assailant cutting the chains that kept the prison secure, and leaving a trail of deer meat and entrails for the walkers.  Indeed, this is the same person that was seen spying on Carol, and while the viewers don’t know for sure at first, is more than likely the prisoner Rick locked out and left for dead with the group of walkers in the courtyard, as he’s seen wearing prison garbs.  Unbeknownst to Rick and company, a large group of walkers are now free and about to be bearing down on the survivors.

Rick and co. race to save their friends.

Unfortunately, Rick, Glenn, T-Dog, Carol and Daryl pick the worst time to gather firewood, and as they begin to set out on their journey, look back to see walkers invading their secure courtyard.  Compounding matters, Lori, Carl, Hershel, and his daughter Beth are out in the courtyard, helping Hershel test his strength and new crutches.  Rick looks back in horror and sees a massive group of walkers, and desperately tries to race back and save his family and friends.  With walkers everywhere, the group breaks up and everyone makes a run for safety, in whatever place they can find it.  Lori, Maggie, and Carl run inside the prison, only to find more walkers lurking.  Hershel and Beth race to a fence and are able to lock the walkers out behind them.  Carol and T-Dog, who have also run back to the aid of their friends, fight their way to reach the fence.  T-Dog, in an attempt to close another fence and lock out a group of walkers, is savagely bitten on the shoulder, but manages to escape.

In the midst of the attack, the alarms at the prison begin to sound, which begins to attract even more walkers.  Rick immediately suspects the remaining two inmates to be responsible, but enlists their aid in turning off the alarms.  At te same time, T-Dog and Carol are trying to reach a safe place in the prison, with Carol frantically trying to tell T he can be saved somehow.  T-Dog, on the other hand, is reserved to his fate.  Any time to discuss the situation is quickly gone, however, as a group of walkers rounds the hallway.  In a heroic last stand, T-Dog rushes the zombies, holding them off allowing Carol to escape.  The walkers rip into T-Dog and devour him.  A main character has died.

Meanwhile, Lori, Carl, and Maggie are racing throughout the darkened corridors of the prison when Lori begins to feel her baby coming.  Indeed, as the Talking Dead’s hashtag read #LoriInLabor, she was having the baby at the worst possible moment.  They’re able to hold up in the boiler room, where Lori informs Maggie to cut along her old c-section scar and save the baby no matter what.  Maggie reluctantly agrees, and is able to save the baby, but Lori dies during the operation.  Carl says that they can’t just leave her there, as she’d turn into a zombie.  As Maggie walks towards the door, a single shot rings out.  Another main character has fallen.

Rick, Daryl, and Oscar (one of the inmates) are able to reach the communication room and begin to turn off the alarm system.  A group of walkers have chased them to the room, with Daryl holding them out at the door.  When Rick starts to turn off the alarm system, Andrew, the prisoner who Rick locked out and left for dead, attacks with an axe.  During the scuffle, Rick loses his gun.  Oscar, who has had a gun pointed on him by Rick in a number of occasions, picks up the gun and points it at Rick.  Andrew enthusiastically calls for Oscar to kill Rick so they can take back the prison, but he instead turns his aim on Andrew.  Oscar shoots Andrew, and has earned the trust and respect of Rick, as well as his place within the prison.

Oscar has earned his place within the group.

Reaching the rest of his group, Rick is alarmed when he doesn’t see his family.  Just as he’s ready to go on a search, Carl and Maggie emerge from the prison, with the new born baby in Maggie’s arms.  Realizing what had happened, Rick breaks down into tears and falls to the group sobbing.  His actions of not killing Andrew when he had the chance have resulted in the deaths of his wife Lori, as well as T-Dog.  How will this weigh on Rick’s conscience?  And what about Carl?  Will Oscar and his fellow inmate Axel be able to fully assimilate into the group?  Only time will tell!

Did you like “Killer Within?”  What were some of your favorite moments / scenes?

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Review – 9/10


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