PS4 / Orbis Development Kits – Specs and Features

PS4 / Orbis Development Kits – Specs and Features

The next PlayStation, codenamed “Orbis,” has been making its rounds in the rumor mill for quite some time now.  The PS4 is likely to hit shelves sometime in 2014, and details surrounding Sony’s next-gen system are trickling in.  The Orbis is said to feature a 256GB hard drive, with 8-16GB of memory.  The input / outputs of the device mirror that of the current PS3, and a focus is being placed on the user interface of the system.  A more seamless integration with the various functions of the system is the aim, with the example being a user being able to access the PlayStation store during a game, purchase DLC or upgrades, and immediately go back to playing.  Currently, users must exit a game, then go to the store, and restart their games, a rather cumbersome and time-consuming process.  Such enhancements, although seemingly minor in nature, will enhance the functionality of the system and tighten up a gaming experience.

When the PS3 was unveiled, it came with impressive specs but a price tag that many deemed outrageous.  The PS4 is looking to come in at a price point that is attractive to most consumers, but feature technology that will be suitable for an extended period of time.  With Nintendo’s Wii U hitting shelves later this month at a very affordable $299 – $349 price range, Sony will most likely look to match or come close to this price, even if it means sacrificing the overall power of the machine.  Competition from an engrained Nintendo system, in addition to a next-gen console from Microsoft launching at a similar time, will put added pressure on Sony to get it right the first time with the PS4.

Stay tuned for further information on the Orbis and other next-gen consoles as it becomes available.


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