The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Premium Edition Confirmed

The Elder Scrolls:  Skyrim Premium Edition Confirmed  

Bethesda has confirmed that a Premium Edition of Skyrim will be released.  Skyrim Premium Edition will be available for PS3 , Xbox 360, and PC.  The version of the game comes with some bonuses, including a map of Skyrim, t-shirt, and postcards.  The PC version will also include an additional disc that features, trailers, an ebook, and other bonus content.

In light of the overwhelming success of the game, releasing a premium version isn’t at all surprising.  Considering that the PS3 versions has yet to receive any of the DLC content, the Dawnguard and Hearthfire content packs, the premium version not containing any DLC is also not surprising.  The PS3 version of Skyrim has been littered with inadequacies since the games launch, and despite many of the bugs being worked out, the DLC issues have remained so significant that they have not yet released on PS3, and may never unfortunately.

The PS3 version still doesn’t have DLC.

The premium version of Skyrim is slated for release on December 7th, and while the extras are cool, this announcement has drawn focus back to the fact that the PS3 version is still absent the popular DLC.

Flydrs has reached out to Bethesda for comment, but as of this writing has not heard back.


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