Evil Dead – Official Red Band Teaser

Evil Dead – Official Red Band Teaser

It’s got guts, and blood and gore…and guts, and blood. Did I mention this thing look’s gory? Do NOT watch this at work, or near small children, or people who think you’re a straight edged, normal dude who you’d like to keep thinking that. When asked about it the legendary leading man from the original Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell (who is producing this one along with original director Sam Raimi), made no secret that violent bloody thrills were what they were going for saying, “It’s $&!@!$@ violent. This is a really !$&@!&@ violent movie”. That’s about the best source of information you could ask for, Ash himself. And right to the point too. So while this Halloween may be lacking in blockbuster chills and thrills, April 2013 (the projected release) will surely make up for it. We’ll have more on the latest from the Necronomicon as it develops.

Harrison Hickok is a contributing writer at flydrs.com


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