What’s in an Intro? The Show before the Show

What’s in an Intro?  The Show before the Show  

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for.  Anticipation has been building throughout the week or the offseason, and you eagerly await the next episode.  Your phone has been silenced, you’ve gotten your popcorn and soda.  The show is about to come on. Then the introduction plays…

What’s in an introduction?  Everything, quite honestly.  It’s the show before the show, the sign that your favorite show is about to begin.  Hearing the famous soundtrack or the familiar imagery helps to heighten the excitement, not to mention allowing you to make any last second adjustments before the actual episode begins.

Some introductions are unmistakable.  The introduction for HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones is tasteful and artistic, and yet surprisingly helpful as it gives fans a lay of the land by showing the various locations throughout the fantasy realms world.  AMC is also known for superb intros, with The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad showcasing memorable and meaningful introductions.  A well done intro not only adds to the show, but also allows fans to connect with the series even more.

How important are introductions?  Look no further to NBC’s series Grimm.  For the 2nd seasons, Grimm “treated,” fans to a new intro.  Fans were not happy, and immediately took to social media to voice their opinion.  The new intro was just plain bad.  After a mini break in the season of a few weeks, fans were happy to see this new intro had been replaced by a better, or at the least, more tolerable intro.  Clearly an introduction is more important that one might have thought.

What are some of your favorite intros?  Share them in the comments section, or on flydrs Facebook page!


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