The new iPad Mini doesn’t come with a small price tag.

The iPad Mini has officially been announced by Apple, and will be available for preorders this Friday.  The device measures 7.9″ diagonally, and represents Apples push to tap into the smaller tablet market that has been dominated by competitors.  Rivals at Google have had success with smaller tablets, with the Nexus 7 achieving significant sales and being well received by consumers.  With the iPad Mini, Apple is hoping to convert some of these customers.

But does the new miniature iPad miss the mark?  Unfortunately, flydrs feels that it does, and would recommend looking at other devices.  The main issue, and certainly the most important one, is the price tag of the iPad Mini.  Priced at $329 for the entry level, 16GB wifi-only model, and as high as $659 for the 64GB, wifi+cellular model, the iPad Mini is very expensive compared to the competition.  Not only are tablets like the Google Nexus 7 much better value, so to is the existing iPad.  Apple has really backed into a corner by pricing the new iPod Touch so high, and had little choice than to release the iPad Mini at the price point it’s coming in at.  As a result, the iPad Mini will surely disappoint consumers who were hoping for a tablet in the $250 price range.

Are you impressed by the iPad Mini, or are you also upset with the prices for the new tablet?  Will you consider buying the new mini, or look elsewhere for your tablet?

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