Attention Call of Duty:  Zombies players:  looking for tips and strategies on how to reach the late levels?  Want to not be the guy who costs your team to make it to the next round?  Check out some helpful tips to make you the hero on your next game.

Don’t buy that gun…

If you can avoid it, don’t buy that gun off the wall early in the game.  It’s a waste of points, the gun most likely sucks in a few rounds anyway, and it’ll cost you a valuable turn at the mystery box.  Of course, there are times when it’s advisable to pick up a wall weapon, such as the AK on Moon as your 3rd gun after the Mule Kick perk.  By and large, however, wall weapons are useless and should be avoided at all costs unless it’s absolutely necessary and the only option at the time.

Use the Mystery Box, but don’t go crazy.

The Mystery box is one of the major keys towards having a great game.  Not only does it provide some of the best weapons in the game and most useful items, it also costs less than many of the “good,” wall weapons.  Even if you get unlucky and get a sniper rifle, it’s always worth the risk and using the mystery box.  There are some times, though, when it might be better to conserve points.  Once your character has a good set of weapons and a unique grenade, it’s wise to save points for later on, in case your character goes down or you need to do the unthinkable and trade in an empty ray gun.  If you’ve been careful and saved your points, you’ll most likely get that ray gun again, this time with full ammo.

Use the mystery box. Share it with teammates, especially during a fire sale.

Keep the Pistol on levels with PHD Flopper.

Often traded in by nubes and veterans alike, keeping the pistol is the sign of a pro player.  When upgraded to Mustang & Sally, it becomes arguably the most valuable gun in the game.  Sure, it’s amount of ammo isn’t impressive, but this is a gun that can get you out of even the most troublesome zombie situations.  Note that the pistol should only be kept on levels that have PHD Flopper, because of that perks unique trait of making your character invulnerable to explosive damage.  When you find yourself completely surrounded by zombies, simply aim at your feet and shoot.  It’ll pulverize anything around you and allow for a quick escape.  Find yourself running through the doors on Moon, only to get met head on with a bunch of zoms?  Switch to M&S before running through for a clean transition into the next room.  Whenever possible, keep your pistol and make the later levels that much easier.

Mustang & Sally + PHD Flopper = Later Rounds

Crawler?  What about keeping a zombie locked out?

Another strategy that can be used to give your teammates time to use the mystery box or complete an easter egg is to keep a zombie locked out of a window.  Pretty much everyone knows the value of leaving a crawler, so we won’t delve into that.  Keeping a zombie locked out is another useful strategy, as it allows that player to max out on the wall points for that round, and gives teammates time to prepare for the next round.  As always, you’ll want to be communicating with your team, making sure no one gets a bomb towards the end of a level unless necessary, and ask one to take over duty of keeping the zom locked out.

What are some other tips for COD zombies?  Get the word out there so that players know how to tackle Black Ops 2 zombies when it comes out in just a few weeks!

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