The NFL season is nearly upon us.  Training camps have come and gone, and preseason games are under way.  The new NFL seasons brings with it a slew of new storylines.  Will the New York Giants be able to defend as Super Bowl champions?  How well will rookies Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III play this year?  Will Peyton Manning be able to resurrect his career with the Denver Broncos?  And of course, how often will Tim Tebow be in the headlines and on ESPN’s bottom line?

Madden 13 is almost here, as well, with the release date of August 28th quickly approaching.  This years iteration seeks to implement some new elements to the storied franchise, from new commentators and game modes, to enhanced AI’s and animations.  Although the Madden franchise is the most successful football game in history, the series has grown somewhat stale over recent years and is in need of some much needed innovation and freshness. Will this years game help to reinvent the franchise and appease fans?  See for yourself.  For some gameplay of Madden 13, check out some footage from E3, featuring the Washington Redskins vs the Indianapolis Colts.


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