If you haven’t seen episode 6 of True Blood Season 5, be warned!  Spoilers!!


The folks in Bon Temps sure have a lot going on.  True Blood Season 5 is officially halfway through, and the midway episode didn’t disappoint.  Christopher Meloni has created a character in The Guardian that is truly scary and menacing at times, successfully conveying the power and message of the Authority.  Despite being younger than many of the other members of the Authority, The Guardian is the unquestioned leader, and vehemently opposes the Sanguinista movement.  With Russell Edgington’s capture, it looked as though a major blow had been dealt to movement, but instead nearly destroyed the Authority.  Exclaiming that both sides, the Authority and the Sanguinistas are hypocrites with flawed viewpoints, Russell reveals that he yearns for human blood because he likes it, among other things.  For all his wrongs, this “simple,” viewpoint is shockingly pleasant and honest, as it seems unbridled and in a twisted way, sincere.  The Guardian is prepared to make an example of Russell, but when the iPhone execution app fails, Russell quickly overpowers and stakes him.

After the staking, the Guardian’s face becomes distorted, and a small amount of blood is spewed, but there isn’t the True Death blood explosion we’re accustomed to, leading many to wonder what the Guardian’s fate truly is.  Why didn’t the Guardian explode, did Russell somehow miss his heart?  It looked like a direct hit, but perhaps there is another explanation.  Could it be that the Guardian was afflicted with Situs Inversus, the rare medical condition where ones major organs are on the opposite side of the body?  If such were the case, Russell would have missed his heart, and while nearly killing him, wouldn’t necessarily finish the job.  The Guardian has emerged as a powerful and influential character, and to think he’ll be gone after just 6 episodes is hard to believe.

Fans will find out for sure when the next episode airs this Sunday.  For a sneak peek, check out the preview below.


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