You’ve read the rumors.  Watched the E3 events.  Followed Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.  The next-gen consoles will be here, and soon.  While official release dates haven’t been announced, it’s not too early to start thinking about the must-have features for the next-gen consoles.  Without further ado, flydrs must-have features for the next consoles from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

SONY – Playstation 4

  • Free Online.  The PlayStation 3 has been popular for many gamers because of the free online component.  While some have argued that the things that come with paying for online are worth it, the inclusion of online gameplay for free is attractive to a lot of people.  It would be nice to see the next PlayStation continue with free online gaming, and perhaps improve the service for a more reliable, robust experience.  The inclusion of cross-game chat, automatic downloads for patches and updates, and an improved online experience from a download / lag perspective would also be greatly appreciated.
  • PS Classics.  Being able to download PlayStation 1 and 2 classics is popular, and something flydrs has mentioned before.  For the next PlayStation, Sony should continue along with this trend, and make available PS3 classics as well.  An ability to carry over games from PS3 to PS4 would be amazing.
  • Use of Trophies.  Collecting trophies is nice, but it’d be a lot better if one was rewarded for their dedication.  Perhaps a free game after achieving a certain level of trophies would be an added bonus for completing a game from a trophy standpoint.

MICROSOFT – Xbox 720

  • Use of Achievements.  Just like the trophies on PS, it would be nice to see a use for achievements beyond the collection component.
  • More AAA Exclusives.  Xbox has created some memorable franchises throughout its history, but could benefit from more AAA exclusive titles.
  • Improved Profiles.  Avatars and profiles are currently decent, but could be greatly expounded upon.  Having the ability to further customize and add a personal touch to a user profile would go a long way towards the system take advantage of existing social utilities and encourage fraternization amongst fans of particular games or genres.


  • AAA Titles.  While the Wii technically had games like Call of Duty: Black Ops, the versions were generally watered down and didn’t represent the series as well as the PlayStation and Xbox counterparts.  In order for the Wii U to capture the dedicated hardcore market of the industry, it needs to embrace AAA titles and deliver them in true to form fashion.  Titles like Assassin’s Creed 3 have shown that the Wii U has the power to make these titles, why not take full advantage of the capabilities of the system and release other AAA titles.
  • Embrace Traditional Games.  The Wii U controller is great, but in many ways the Pro Controller is even better, because it caters to the traditional gamer.  While the motion controller and touchscreen are undoubtedly popular, the Wii U would do well to not alienate the traditional gamer, in a similar way that it should include AAA games like Call of Duty.


There are also features that could benefit each of the next-gen consoles.  One thing in particular that seems to be a thing of the past is an amazing system launch bundle.  The next Xbox should come with 2 wireless controllers, Halo 5, and maybe even a Kinect.  The next PlayStation should also have 2 wireless controllers (or a wireless controller and Move controller) and Uncharted 4.  The Wii U should some with both a touch controller, the Pro controller, and absolutely include the next Mario or Zelda game.  Such moves would provide the added incentive many need to take the leap into the next-gen consoles.

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