Rumors are swirling about that Apple is readying a new, smaller iPad model to compliment their existing tablet.  For each of the previous iPad models, the screen size has been a healthy 9.7 inches.  The latest rumors suggest that Apple is preparing to release a smaller tablet, in the realm of 7 inches, which would be similar to the Amazon Kindle Fire.  Whether or not this proposed model would replace the larger iPads is doubtful, though such a release would undoubtedly affect sales of the larger iPad.  Scaling down the iPad would allow Apple to better compete with these lower priced tablets, however, and could further solidify the companies dominance in the booming tablet market.

How do you feel about these rumors?  Stay tuned for more information on the next iPad release.

iPad Nano?


2 thoughts on “NEW IPAD RUMORS

  1. I would definitely still go with a larger iPad, I avoid the other ones because of the screen size. The current iPad screen size would just work best for how I use it.

    • I think most users feel the same way. For the buyer concerned about cost, though, an iPad Nano might be the ticket, even if it means sacrificing some real estate.

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