Information for the next Xbox console from Microsoft may have been leaked via a 56 page document that allegedly outlines features of the system.  In a dramatic shift from the current generation of consoles, the new Xbox is said to eventually incorporate Cloud gaming, a considerable leap from the cartridge and disc-based games that have been the go-to on consoles for years.  If these rumors are true, it could potentially lead to more affordable games and systems, as well as the ability to “never need a hardware update again.”  However, it would also effectively eliminate “used,” games and further necessitate or benefit from a game sharing feature.  Such changes would not take place until 2015, according to the document.

Carrying forward with the Kinect, the new Xbox is rumored to greatly expound on this service, by implementing a pair of glasses codenamed Fortaleza.  These new glasses will presumably interact with the Kinect system, and boast features such as a HUD.  While some have compared Fortaleza to Google’s Project Glass, it’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft utilizes this incredibly unique technology.  Couple these new features with the inclusion of a Blu-ray drive, 3D support, and presumably a slew of AAA titles, and you have the making of a powerful system launch.  The rumored price for this new system is $299.

Expect more information on the new Xbox in the coming months, as all signs continue to point towards a 2013 launch.

The concepts behind Fortaleza.

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