It has been about two years since Red Dead Redemption was released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, where it quickly earned a critically acclaimed status and captivated gamers with an old west rendition of the open-world sandbox game Rockstar has been so successful with in the past.  Following one of the best playable characters of this generation in outlaw-turned hero John Marston, Red Dead Redemption combined a stellar story with unique and exceptional game play.  As a result, the Red Dead series has developed a strong following, with many at flydrs wondering when the next entry in the series is coming.

Given the dramatic ending (possible spoilers) of RDR, and ability to continue playing in story+ fashion, it’s very easy to imagine a true sequel, where the playable character is Jack Marston and a story modeled after a general theme of revenge.  The time and setting would be relatively close to that of RDR, but it’d be interesting to see how further advances in technology would be treated in game.  The inclusion of vehicles, more advanced weaponry and communications, and other technological developments of the time period could all be included to some degree in a Red Dead Redemption sequel.

A sight to behold. Will a sequel ever be in the works?

Certain features of Red Dead Redemption could be even more engaging if expounded upon, such as the collecting aspect of the game.  Harvesting pelts and feathers is great for making money and doing quests, to a certain point.  A more robust resources menu, unique skills and effects, and other tweaks to a system that is already passable will enhance game play and add new elements to the series.

A sequel to Red Dead Redemption would undoubtedly be met with excitement, though with games like Grand Theft Auto V on the horizon, any official word on RDR2 is likely a long ways off.  In spite of this, what are some features that you would like to see added to the series?  Let us know in the comments!



  1. I like the idea of making a posse and holding people for ransom it would be cool if we could also take over gang hideouts and more weapons and more horses sounds fun to. I would also like more control over the train instead of just stopping I would like to speed it up, derailing, and decoupling that would be really fun oh and maybe blow up bridges would be fun to. those are just some of my ideas that are awesome.

    • Those ideas are pretty awesome. The gang hideout idea is great; perhaps you could take it over, and sort of control territory like in GTA games. Over time, gangs would come back and try to take the town / hideout back and you’d have to defend it. Maybe you could even recruit some people in different towns to live at the newly liberated hideout.

      The train concept is also interesting. It gets into the destructible environment realm, which is lacking in a lot of games. Maybe after a certain period of time in game, the bridges could be built back. It’d be a nice addition to the game.

      Thanks for the input!

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