It’s hard to believe that more than 15 years have gone by since Final Fantasy 7 was released for the original Sony PlayStation in 1997. Gracing gamers with its incredible story and characters, immense environment and scope, Final Fantasy 7 quickly became an instant hit and timeless title. As the PlayStation made way for the PS2 and later for the PS3, fans of the series and FF7 have beckoned for a remake of the classic title. Scores of fans have made their voices heard across forums and discussion threads online. One thing is clear: there are a lot of people who want to see a FF7 remake.

Will we see a remake in the works?

HD remakes have become new bread and butter for gaming companies trying to revitalize a brand and squeeze more revenues. Fans have supported this movement, with popular HD remakes like the God of War Collection appeasing many demands of the loyal legions that support Kratos and the series, for instance. However, while PS2 or Xbox games might benefit from an HD upgrade, older titles like FF7 may need a complete overhaul and be redesigned from the ground up. Such an undertaking would have considerable costs, and comes with a strong risk/reward for Square. If done correctly, the game would probably sell well, but also come with high development and marketing costs. On the other hand, a simple HD remake would certainly be cheaper, but also might underwhelm fans of the original. There are even gamers who feel a remake of the game would lend well on a handheld system.  A title like a Final Fantasy 7 remake could make a lot of people notice the PS Vita, for instance.

There hasn’t been any official word on a remake in the works, but that hasn’t stopped fans from calling for it to happen and has only fueled speculation. Is a Final Fantasy 7 remake, HD upgrade or complete overhaul, something that you would be interested?


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