As reported by Joystiq and other sites, Nintendo has secured the domain for supermario4, causing many to wonder what this bit of information means.   Let the speculation begin.

With Super Mario 3 having been released over 20 years ago, diehards of the franchise might enjoy a return to the series’ former glory, of course with all the HD visuals and multiplayer modes that drive games today.  A game / sequel in the mold of a Super Mario 3 / Super Mario World that retained all of the critical elements that made the series legendary, coupled with modern features like multiplayer and HD, would be popular and could drive sales for the WiiU system launch.

There is also good reason to create a 3D game in the mold of a Super Mario 64, as such a game could fully take advantage of a console like the WiiU.  As fans of the series have surely considered which type of game Super Mario 4 should be, a 2D side-scrolling game like the originals of the series, or later 3D iterations like Super Mario 64, so to has Nintendo.  Why not make such a game that implements the best of both worlds?

Games like Batman Arkham Asylum and the scarecrow dream sequences have successfully mixed-up game play.  A title like Super Mario 4 could mesh all of the popular features of the series, resulting in a game that would satisfy existing fans and create new ones.



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