Game sharing, from trading discs to digital content.

The idea of sharing and video games has always gone hand in hand.  From taking turns at the arcade, to playing every other life in Mario, to intense LAN battles in Halo, gaming has been predicated on players sharing an experience.  Online gaming is the culmination of this shared experience, with the leaderboards on popular titles like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo millions of players deep.

On Playstation 3, gamers are given the ability, albeit far from simple, to share games and DLC with a limited number of friends.   Game sharing on the PS3 is an awesome feature, as it allows content to be shared with friends and family and ultimately provides extra value.  Considering the current method of game sharing is rather cumbersome, it leaves room for potential on the next generation of consoles.

Will the next generation of consoles feature game sharing at all, or perhaps even offer it as a paid service?  With game companies focusing more on DLC and subscription based services such as Call of Duty Elite, a sharing feature could attract even more players to a series, or system even.  A sharing feature might be the difference maker for a gamer or group of gamers making that difficult decision on which next generation system to purchase.

Do you game share?  Is game sharing an important feature for a system?

Weigh in and let us know!


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